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Antennas Trading,MIDDLE EAST VISION TRADING (L.L.C)- Middle East Vision Trading (l.l.c)
General Trading,MIDDLE EAST- FUJI- INTERNATIONAL TRADING (L.L.C)- Middle East- Fuji- International Trading (l.l.c)
Dates Trading,MIDLAND CENTURY FOODS (L.L.C)- Midland Century Foods (l.l.c)
General Trading,MIDSPORTS (L.L.C)- Midsports (l.l.c)
Hotels (3 Stars),MILLENNIUM AIRPORT HOTEL (L.L.C) BRANCH- Millennium Airport Hotel (l.l.c) Branch
Hotels (4 Stars),MILLENNIUM AIRPORT HOTEL DUBAI (L.L.C)- Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai (l.l.c)
Hotel Apartments Rental,MILLENNIUM HOTEL APARTMENT- Millennium Hotel Apartment
Building Contractors (Ground, Mezzanine & 1 Floor),MILLINNIUM CONSTRUCTION (L.L.C)- Millinnium Construction (l.l.c)
Hotels,MINA A SALAM- Mina A Salam
Auto Spare Parts & Components Trading,MINARVA AUTO SPARE PARTS (L.L.C)- Minarva Auto Spare Parts (l.l.c)
Real Estate Brokers,MINC PROPERTY ENTERPRISES- Minc Property Enterprises
Computer Equipment & Requisites Trading,MINDSCAPE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (L.L.C)- Mindscape Information Technology (l.l.c)
Advertisement Designing & Producing,MINDSHARE ADVERTISING (L.L.C)- Mindshare Advertising (l.l.c)
Auto Accessories Trading,MINDTRAC MIDDLE EAST (L.L.C)- Mindtrac Middle East (l.l.c)
Industrial Plant Equipment & Spare Parts Trading,MING WEI PAPERWARE & PACKING MACHINERY- Ming Wei Paperware & Packing Machinery
General Trading,MIRABELL GENERAL TRADING- Mirabell General Trading
Computer Equipment & Requisites Trading,MISHAAL AL SUDAIRY TRADING- Mishaal Al Sudairy Trading
Computer Equipment & Requisites Trading,MISSION COMPUTERS TRADING- Mission Computers Trading
Foodstuff & Beverages Trading,MITA KISH TRADING (L.L.C)- Mita Kish Trading (l.l.c)
Pastry & Sweets Manufacturers,MITHAS SWEETS & SNACKS FACTORY (L.L.C)- Mithas Sweets & Snacks Factory (l.l.c)
Auto Accessories Trading,MITSUBA AUTO SPARE PARTS EST.- Mitsuba Auto Spare Parts Est.
Representative Offices,MITSUI & CO. LTD. (DUBAI BRANCH)- Mitsui & Co. Ltd. (dubai Branch)
Auto Accessories Trading,MIX PARTS (L.L.C)- Mix Parts (l.l.c)
Artificial Flowers & Plants Trading,MOATAMADI FLOWERS & PLANTS TRADING (L.L.C)- Moatamadi Flowers & Plants Trading (l.l.c)
Airconditioners Trading,MOBITRONIX (L.L.C)- Mobitronix (l.l.c)
Bread Manufacturers,MODERN BAKERY (L.L.C)- Modern Bakery (l.l.c)
Home Furniture Manufacturers,MODERN DECORATION CO. (L.L.C)- Modern Decoration Co. (l.l.c)
Jewellery Trading,MODERN DIAMOND JEWELLERY (L.L.C)- Modern Diamond Jewellery (l.l.c)
Airline Agencies,MODERN FREIGHT (L.L.C)- Modern Freight (l.l.c)
Audio-Visual, Recording Equipment & Accessories Trading,MODERN INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS EST.- Modern International Electronics Est.
Cargo Packaging,MODERN LINE DISTRIBUTION (L.L.C)- Modern Line Distribution (l.l.c)
General Trading,MODERN NOOR GENERAL TRADING (L.L.C)- Modern Noor General Trading (l.l.c)
Plastic Pipes & Fittings Manufacturers,MODERN PLASTIC INDUSTRY (L.L.C)- Modern Plastic Industry (l.l.c)
General Trading,MODEST COMPANY (L.L.C)- Modest Company (l.l.c)
General Trading,MOHAMAD AL OTAIBA GROUP OF ESTABLISHMENTS-http:// Mohamad Al Otaiba Group Of Establishments
Auditing of Accounts,MOHAMED SIDDIQUE KASIM INTERNATIONAL AUDITORS- Mohamed Siddique Kasim International Auditors
Foodstuff & Beverages Trading,MOHAMMED AL SHALAN FOODSTUFF EST.- Mohammed Al Shalan Foodstuff Est.
Calculators & Spare Parts Trading,MOHAMMED HAMOOD AL SHAYA (L.L.C) DUBAI BRANCH- Mohammed Hamood Al Shaya (l.l.c) Dubai Branch
Handbags & Leather Products Trading,MOHAMMED HAMOUD AL SHAYA CO. (L.L.C) DUBAI BRANCH- Mohammed Hamoud Al Shaya Co. (l.l.c) Dubai Branch
Blankets , Towels & Linens Trading,MOHAMMED KHAISAR TRADING (LL.C)- Mohammed Khaisar Trading (ll.c)
Medical Herbs Trading,MOHD AL HAKABANI TRADING- Mohd Al Hakabani Trading
General Trading,MOHD. ABDUL RAHMAN AL BAHAR- Mohd. Abdul Rahman Al Bahar
Building & Construction Materials Trading,MOHD. ABDULLA AL KENDI TRADING EST.- Mohd. Abdulla Al Kendi Trading Est.
General Trading,MOHD. ABDULLA HAJI YOUSUF KHOORY & CO.- Mohd. Abdulla Haji Yousuf Khoory & Co.
Oil & Natural Gas Well Drilling,MOHD. AL BARWANI PETROLEUM SERVICES (L.L.C) DUBAI BRANCH- Mohd. Al Barwani Petroleum Services (l.l.c) Dubai Branch
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